August 9, 1974, considered the day the Mad Hungarian persona first appeared in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. He came into the game in the seventh inning. He would face Steve Garvey, who became the National League MVP that year, and when interviewed basically said, I only threw a fastball. Al didn’t think he had that good of a fastball at the time but his control was incredible. Al ended up striking out Garvey and no one got hit off him in three minutes. Al made his major league debut in San Diego on June 16, 1970. In 75 he started Fu Manchu. He had a 13-3 record and a 1.66 ERA in 65 games, he had 22 saves and earned the relief pitcher of the year award. we will always be grateful here in St. Louis to say we were the ones who started his incredible career. Thank you for everything Al.

Bob Ehret, Fan