Remember being a 5-10 year old kid watching the Cardinals from the left field bleachers(top row, so we could lean against the fence)😁 with my Dad⚾ I remember watching Gibson, Brock, Hernandez, and of course "The Mad Hungarian" Al Hrabosky⚾⚾! With that fu- manchu mustache and intimidating look had all batters shaking in there cleats😂 Give the man his jacket, he totally deserves it ⚾⚾ Cardinal 4 Life ❤️⚾

John Tarrant, Fan,

I still remember when the Dodgers came to town after Al was snubbed for the ASG. We had Hraboski Hbanner Hday. And AL showed why LaSorda screwed up.

Cathy Keith, Fan,

Al ( The Mad Hungarian) is one of my favorite players in my 70 years of life and lifelong Cardinal Fan. I was in my teens & the excitement he brought to the crowds was electrifying!!  The crowd would go crazy every time he came out to pitch, I have never seen any player get the crowd into a frenzy with his style of pitching and he was amazing, I still have his Tshirt from the 70's.  He not only an amazing reliever but now a long time part of the Cardinal organization and he is loved and honored by thousands & thousands of adoring Cardinal baseball fans!!!!

Carol Schaffner, Fan,

I'm in for Al Rhabosky🥰🥰

Patricia Hammers, Fan,

Al has been a talented player, decades long supporter and spent many years broadcasting the Cards. He knows a lot about baseball….especially Cardinal baseball! He should have been one of the early Cardinal HOFamers!!!

dgschartz, Fan,

Al Hrabosky or better known as "The Mad Hungarian" has been a part of the Cardinals organization for many, many years!  I feel he deserves to wear the red jacket and be part of the legendary history of this franchise.  He was a beast on the mound in his day, a TV broadcaster and an intricate part of this great team and city!  He should definitely be part of the Cardinal HOF!

Bob Delgman, Fan,

I remember him being my mom's favorite for several years. I can remember her saying, bring in the Mad Hungarian, he'll win it.

Missell Willis, Fan,

I honestly thought they gave him one already …. So deserved

Mary Tobin, Fan,

He was a fantastic pitcher! I saw him pitch in person at the old Busch Stadium...

Brenda J Rogers, Fan,

The Mad Hungarian was one of the few bright spots for years in the 1970s. He was not only affective, but also entertaining. When I say effective, I also mean league-leading. He was a reason to attend games during a very down period of Cardinal baseball. And now he's an informative, valuable member of those reporting on the Cardinals. If anyone has earned his red jacket 2 ways (besides Musial & Shannon), it's Al Hrabosky.

Greg Godsil, Fan,

No one left to tell it like it is and how it should be. Al is a treasure to the entire organization  and to Cardinal Nation. If he is not put in the Cardinal Hall of Fame, then I  personally feel that as Cardinal Nation should do an old fashion sit in outside stadium blocking all entrances until AL is in Cardinal H.O.F.

Nina Zumwalt, Fan,

The mad Hungarian was one of my favorite pitchers. I loved watching him

James Hicks, Fan,

Al should be in Cardinals HOF!! I watched him in the 70’s lights out!! Plus his 37 years as a Cardinal Broadcaster is a no brainer!!!

Larry Hickman, Fan,

He was a lights out pitcher

Donald Burbank, Fan,

I can't add anymore than what the petition states other than Al really deserves to be in the red coat club. He is and has been a real asset to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Greg Bryson, Fan,

As a child, I will never forget, listening to the ball games in the 1970s with Mike Shannon and Jack Buck behind the mic, announcing and describing the Mad Hungarians' antics on the mound. Not only was he a great showman, but he was also one hell of a pitcher and competitor. there is never been anyone else like him on the mound. Also, Al gave us many great memories of himself being in the booth and has been a great ambassador for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball organization. For many years it would be a crying shame if he were not to be inducted into the Cardinal Hall of Fame.

Bobby Horvath, Fan,

Red Jacket for Al Hrabosky from a 57-year St.Louis Cardinal Fan it is overdue time are you listening HOF Committee and the DeWitts! Let us fans Vote for the Mad Hungarian and put Al Hrabosky in the Cardinal HALL OF FAME!!!

Kenneth Gream, Fan,

I have known Al for almost 40 years…..
I first met him in Tampa when I was working for TWA and we had the Cardinal charters.
Al was always… without exception…a gentleman.  He was
Congenial (despite his nickname ☺️)…. He was always approachable.  Never denied an autograph or photo.
When I transferred to STL… I was delighted to see him and occasionally his lovely wife June when they traveled.   . . Same demeanor.
Al Hrabosky deserves to be in the Cardinals Hall of Fame!!!’
He is the face and ambassador of the Cardinals!!

Carole Schuepbach, Friend & Fan

Al is a living, breathing representative and ambassador of the Cardinal Way. His passion on the mound and in front of a camera exemplifies the energy, intensity, and integrity of what’s right in Cardinal Nation. Al truly deserves his place in the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and a red jacket deserves its place on the shoulders of a true Cardinal.

Michael B Katz, Fan

I think Al is deserving not only for his outstanding career but also for the heightened interest and enthusiasm for the Cardinals during his career and his dedication to continuing to enhance the image of the team after he retired.

Dave Lindquist, Fan

I’ve known Al since we were 11-12 years old so most of our lives. In addition to being a great athlete Al was and is a great person, willing to make people around him feel good. I personally saw him interact with fans, especially young fans when he was a player. He always made their day by signing autographs and spending time talking to them. His Mad Hungarian persona is iconic and he’s remembered fondly by his fans. In Chicago a few years ago
Al spent a long time signing autographs and acknowledging his fans which were numerous. He was arguably the best closer in baseball in the 70’s. There are many additional examples of his talent s character all of which are positive. Time and space limit my ability to speak to that. He is a worthy candidate for the Cardinal HOF. Grateful for this opportunity.

Ron Fitzgerald, Friend

A Cardinal icon and a great person. Al should be in.

Rick Trautwein, Fan

One of the best closers of the 70s, led the team in saves for several years

Jim Price, Fan

No time like the PRESENT ( Xmas) for Al to get a Red Jacket!

John Ansehl, Fan

My love of baseball began with the Omaha Cardinals in the late fifties and continues to this day. Bob Gibson to  Albert and all of the greats in between., but arguably the most ferocious Cardinal of all was Al Hrabosky. It’s time, give Al the Red Jacket …….Please 🙏

Roy Neneman, Fan

Great STL Cardinal ambassador

Carrie Babington, Fan

I’ve always enjoyed Al Hrabosky’s baseball knowledge.  Hope he gets the red jacket!

Chris Paz, Fan

The mad Hungarian. Great pitcher and contributor to the Cardinals and the community

Mike Garvin, Fan

Thanks for this opportunity to allow fans to have input for Al to get recognition for all his contributions to the Cardinals and their organizations. I am afforded the opportunity to participate in the Baseball Weekends in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Al graces our baseball fans with his personal participation in everything baseball in our community and our historical past as the first home of spring training. Al comes every year and we all love listening to his stories and insights about baseball and the Cardinals. If St. Louis doesn’t recognize him with this much-deserved honor you’ll lose him to Hot Springs as our Mayor!

Robert Jackson, Fan

Al has been a very good family friend of ours since the '60s.  I personally have seen Al progress thru Little League, American Legion, High School, College, Minor League and the Big Leagues throughout all those years.  His athletic Ambition, Drive, Tenacity, and a very "Nasty" tailing fastball are legendary here in Southern California.

Based on his accomplishments both during and after his playing career with the Cardinals I believe he would be a very worthy addition to the St. Louis Cardinal HOF.

As a side note, I was able to observe Al's popularity with the fans in person this past season.  We visited the Stadium to watch a game; where he had a 2-hour autograph session, a 10-minute radio interview, spoke to approx 100 Cardinal fans having lunch for 25 minutes, introduced himself and shook many hands in several luxury boxes, AND then passed out Cardinal memorabilia to any youngster he could see while walking to and from his seat to watch the game!!

Best of luck Lefty,

Jack Bergman, Friend & Fan

Loved it when Al came in!!! Got to see him in person several times!!! Loved his intensity on the mound!!! He was also great announcing with Dan and I wish he was still Dan’s partner!!!!

Lana Wiggleton, Fan

Al has done more for the Cardinals than practically anyone. He deserves his red jacket!!⚾️

Troy Poole, Fan

Loved watching Al pitch for the Cardinals. Still love watching his broadcasting.

Barbara Neff, Fan

I have on numerous occasions seen Al out in a public venue with fans who have approached him for pictures, and autographs.  He has to my knowledge never refused and has ALWAYS had a positive demeanor.

I was once a visitor with him and FRED BIRD at a middle school gym and absolutely blew the kids away,  what an ambassador!!!

William Courtney, Fan

Al has been a good Cardinal and an awesome ambassador ever since he retired. He lives here, works here and this is his home. Plus, he was enjoyable to watch and was good during his playing days. He has ALWAYS given it all, now he needs/deserves a red jacket!

Cynthia Lund, Fan

I was surprised to learn that Al wasn't already in the Cards' HOF. I grew up in Edwardsville and got to attend numerous games at Busch for free, through the straight-A tickets program, when I was in high school. I was lucky enough to see Al pitch, and I'm honored to say a few words on his behalf. For over a decade, I've been a researcher with the Hot Springs, Arkansas, Historic Baseball Trail. For the past several years, Al has been a favorite here, at our Baseball Weekend events. His perspective and comments are much appreciated. For these reasons (and many additional reasons, previously cited by others), I hope he'll receive the Red Jacket soon--he's earned it.

Mark Blaeuer, Long-time St. Louis Cardinals fan

Yes for Al!!  Certainly deserves a red jacket!

Karen Devereux, Fan

An iconic Cardinal  who has proudly represented the Cardinals on and off the field

Jim Regna, Fan

I have been a lifelong Cardinals fan, having grown up in Council Bluffs, Iowa, my dad attended Creighton University with the great Bob Gibson, who I got to meet a few times as a little boy. I was a huge fan of the Cardinal's great pitchers and tried to emulate them from the time I started playing little league baseball. There was no imitating the great Al Hrabosky, a ferocious competitor who intimidated anyone that approached "his home plate." I admired him as a teenage fan, and feel fortunate to now, 50 years later, be able to call him my friend. Al has always represented the Cardinals with integrity, pride, and passion. He is beloved for his broadcast career, and I think we all miss seeing him in the booth during the games with his keen knowledge of the game and great commentary as we continue to enjoy his pre & post-game observations. The Mad Hungarian's signature mustache makes him recognizable wherever he goes, I've never seen him turn down a request for an autograph or a picture. Al has mentored young players, welcomed hundreds of fans to Fantasy Camp, appears at numerous charity events every year, he represents the "Cardinals Way." I think the Cardinals should be as proud and grateful of Al as Al is of the Cardinals, and get him the long overdue red jacket he has earned.

Kevin Kenney, Friend & Cardinals Fan

Al deserves a red jacket and to be in the Hall of Fame!

Mary Braun, Fan

Al should definitely be in the HOF! He is always around the stadium. He is always willing to take pictures with fans and autograph pics to the kids. He is a Cardinal forever

Maureen Butler, Fan

Really enjoy Al at the baseball weekend here in Hot Springs have a great time talking and his stories are great! He should be in the cardi Al hall of fame it's long past its due!

Larry Jackson, Fan

Al H was the most exciting player in the 70s. He has devoted his career and life to St. Louis and the Cardinals. I hope he gets to wear the red jacket!

Debra King, Fan

I don’t understand why Al Hrabosky wasn’t elected to the Cardinal Hall of Fame years ago! It makes no sense at all. He has spent the better part of his life being a Cardinal. He was one of the best relievers of his day and has served us well in the broadcast booth for many, many years.

Mark Waldschmidt, Fan

Please support Al for the Cards HOF!

Jim Hockley, Fan

Sure deserves it. I know Al from fantasy camp!

Joe Bascio, Fantasy Camp Participant

It is the hall of fame his nickname alone should get him in

Raymond Haberkern, Fan

1 of the best Cardinal relievers of all time. Always enjoyed watching him pitch. He has been faithful to the Cardinal organization for many many years. The Mad Hungarian deserves a red jacket.  Thank you. Joe

Joseph Swain, Fan

One of the all time greats of the St Louis Cardinal franchise and  a pillar of our community

William F Hanke, Fan

Al has been an integral part of the Cardinals organization for well over 30 years both on the field and in the booth.  He’s been a terrific representative of the organization and it’s time he gets his own red jacket.

Brad Garrett, Fan

If you look at the body of work with the Cardinals there is no question that Al should have a red jacket.
The Cardinals are lucky to have loyal people like Al in the organization. No question AL should have a red jacket.

John, Fan

We know the Cardinals have had their share of great players and there's not any reason to overlook Al for a Red-Jacket. I watched his outstanding plays in the 80s and see his hard work behind the booth and still representing our team. Stop overlooking AL nominate him immediately!

Audry Brown, Fan

So deserving for all he’s done over the years!!

Donald Hofgren, Fan

Al is such a good person and “character.” He is passionate about the Cardinals and a true ambassador for the team. He is the best spokesperson and representative.

Steve Mason, Fan

Al is a TRUE Cardinal he should be in the HOF!!!

Ray Burroughs, Fan

I remember Al best for bringing my friend Robbie Dutton into the dugout before a game. Many players led by Adam Wainwright came out of the clubhouse to greet Robbie. What a special day. Thank you Al!

Eugene Primm, Fan

Al helped me chase my dreams of becoming the first Hungarian-born and grown baseball player to play among the bests.
I fell short but couldn’t even have a shot without his support and heart in it!
I believe Al deserved his Hungarian baseball ambassador title and his work in the community puts him up for the Red jacket!

Denes Simonyi, Former Player

I have always loved listening to Al when he did tv with Dan.  I met him once at a Cardinal Caravan and he was so nice!  He was a fun player to watch!  He definitely deserves a red jacket!

Marge Schwarzlose, Fan

Al is a part of the history of the cardinals baseball club. In my humble opinion - Ozzie Smith, Jack Buck, and Al Hrabosky are in the same unique class of Cardinal baseball history. And Al carried his career forward as an announcer for our beloved "birds on the bat".
He IS cardinal-nation. He is long overdue for his red jacket.

He is also a genuinely nice man.

Tracy Harris, Fan

Al is so historic and everyone remembers him. He deserves this!

Juli Stockstill, Fan

Al Hrabosky was the dominant relief pitcher in the National League in his era. Case closed. He deserves a red jacket.

Keith Schildroth, Fan

I had the honor & privilege to meet Al in 2004.
My husband opened up Al Hrabosky’s Ballpark Saloon and we were in business with him. Al is the absolute best….everyone who came through the door was always so surprised to see Al there…Al didn’t just put his name on the business…he was the business. There was never a time he turned down a fan for an autograph or picture. He always took the time to talk to fans and answer their questions or share one of his many stories.
I honestly never understood how Al did so much in 24 hours of a day. Always a family man first, he was busy broadcasting & traveling, involved in a business, and supporting many causes in the St. Louis area…he was always visiting a local school with the DARE program…I literally never saw him say no to anyone or turn down an opportunity to help someone in need.
Never, not once.
What I love most about Al is how he has and continues to give back to the St. Louis community. I had a close friend who was a single mother of 3, battling breast cancer, whose teaching contract was not renewed during treatment…we decided to put on a fundraiser in her honor to benefit her & her children. Al not only donated his time, numerous signed memorabilia items for raffles/silent auctions, etc…but he had fellow alumni Cardinals come sign & take photos with supporters. To this day, my friend shares with me that the fundraiser changed the direction of her life & her children’s lives. Had it not been for Al, we could have never pulled off an event like that for her family.
In my own family, whenever we’ve needed advice or encouragement, Al has always been there. When our 3rd child was born, Al & his wife June were one of the first ones to visit and hold our sweet baby Natalie. When my mother passed suddenly, Al & June were one of the first to reach out with their support & condolences. And when my husband learned of the sudden passing of his business partner & dear friend Bobby Plager, Al was the first person to reach out to him for support. My daughter recently graduated and he was the first to send her a handwritten congratulations. That’s Al, always thinking of others.
I love Al’s heart for his family, his friends, the Cardinals & the St. Louis community.
To me, Al is everything a St. Louis Cardinal represents…and there’s no one more deserving of a red coat.
He’ll always be my favorite Cardinal and second dad.
It is my hope & prayer that he is invited to be inducted into the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame.

Erin Maurer, Friend

He deserves a red jacket for all he’s done for the Redbirds!

Keith, Fan

I've been a Cardinals fan since 1975 and I'll never forget how much I loved watching him pitch. Always impressive and just an all-around great guy.

Phillip Edwards, Fan

Al is just as deserving as any of the others and he should get a jacket.

Kevin Rogers, Fan

Al is Stl baseball. He’s the best!

Stephanie Crouppen, Fan

Al is long overdue for his career

Howard Harris, Jr., Fan

Shocked to learn Al doesn’t have a red jacket! A Cardinals legend- give him the jacket!!!

Lauren B, Fan

A true gentleman, a strong advocate for the Cardinals, and one of the premier relievers of his day, Al is highly deserving of this honor.  To have put Cocaine Kieth Hernandez into the Hall was shocking - time to get back to significant Cardinals with outstanding performance, true character, and a mindset of being a Cardinal for life.

Jim Gidcumb, Fan

Al is the greatest. Such an incredible person and role model. Class act all the way. No one deserves the honor more.

Melanie Mooshegian, Fan

Al is an absolute St. Louis Cardinals legend as a player, an announcer, a bar owner, a historian, and a fan.  This man deserves it.  He’s earned it. Give him a red jacket!

Matt Hicks, Fan

During his tenure as the Card’s closer, he was one of the outstanding premiere closers in MLB.  He should be a Cardinal HOFamer!

Mark Schulte, Fan

Hungo deserves a Red jacket for his achievements on the field and off. Hungo was the Fireman of the year and always answers the bell and was ready to serve. He is worthy of inclusion in the Cardinals HOF based on his on-field accomplishments, broadcasting service, and personal appearances.

I was lucky to have worked with Al while selling Cardinals baseball starting at KPLR-TV. We also started the Mad Hungarian show on KFNS and worked together at Fox Sports Midwest. Hungo answers the bell in service to promote  Cardinals regardless of the pain he’s in and I remember a story that he rode in the back of a Volvo station wagon laying down all the way to Cape Girardeau to help a sales rep at KPLR make a Cardinals presentation for sponsorship.

My first baseball game in St. Louis was back in the 70’s when the Cardinals were not competitive, Cardinals were losing and my friend that took me said we need to stay to see Al Hrabosky pitch. We did. It was electric! The crowd went crazy! I’m crazy folks about Hungo. Cardinals would be crazy not to include him in the next class of red jackets!

Timothy P. O’Connor, Colleague

For his Era he dominates!!!!  I'm surprised that he has not been selected already.
I remember one Monday Night Baseball game (yes there used to be Monday Night Baseball 😁) he had the bases loaded, no outs, one-run game, top of 9th.  Al proceeded to strike out the next 3 batters.

Leon Z, Fan

Born in 1987, I grew up listening to Al. His voice will always be synonymous with the St. Louis Cardinals. Whether it’s been as a player or a broadcaster, Al has dedicated decades of his life to the team. He deserves the red jacket - I don’t know why he doesn’t already have one. St. Louis is lucky to have him!

Andrea Gorris, Fan

Loved the intensity he played with. It made me as a fan want to be better.

William Hunter, Fan

Win or lose it was always exciting to watch Al come into the game. He was a pioneer and champion of modern-day relief pitching.

Sandy, Fan

I can't say enough.  Al is a legend in St Louis and deeply deserves the red jacket. All the way from his crazy antics on the mound and broadcasting for our great cardinal nation.  Let's do this.

Kim Fischer, Fan

I believe Al Hrabosky should be included in the St. Louis Cardinal Hall of Fame. Al was an excellent closer for the team in the 70s and was a fireman of the year award winner on some very bad cardinal teams. He was 64-35 with a 3.10 era for a career. He pitched multiple innings often. As a retired player, he has supported the St Louis community by sending an anti-drug positive image to the young students in schools. He is a versatile announcer as well as a pre and post-game host. He is a true character of the game. The St. Louis Hall of Fame is definitely a place with a hole in it without Al. I hope you’ll consider this and include him where he belongs. Give him that red jacket!

JD Miller, Fan

Al (the Mad Hungarian) is one of my favorite players.  I loved watching him psych out his opponents.  I was able to meet him and he was so good to my daughter 4 and myself.  He is a great guy.  I will always be proud that he was/is a Cardinal.  Love to listen to him on the radio.  He definitely should get a red jacket.

Cheri K Salz, Fan

I worked at the ballpark in the 1970s when Al played, got to know him pretty well, he would actually give me periodic rides home after games.  In addition to being super nice to me, he was super nice to my dad. My dad would periodically send Al and another of our buddies the great Dave Ricketts his famous barbecued ribs.  I never saw Al turn down an autograph request, or a chance to interact with a fan. The only person I ever heard him talk bad about was Vern Rapp, and that was strictly in private. As a ball player, he told me his post-baseball playing career was going to be in the broadcast booth, which is exactly what he did.  I was brokenhearted when he was traded to Kansas City, and thrilled for him when he signed the big free-agent contract with the Braves.  I have periodically run into Al at charity golf tournaments over the last 50 years, and he is pretty much the same guy that he always has been, a class act, and a wonderful ambassador for the St. Louis baseball Cardinals.

Jim McCormick,

Al is well deserving of a red jacket.  Not only did he perform exceptionally as a pitcher but also as a broadcaster for the Cardinals.  Al is well-respected in the community.

Karen Yang, Fan

Lifelong Baseball Player and Fan. THE MAD HUNGARIAN was a great baseball player, and I believe worthy

Michael Earl Egan, Lifelong Baseball Player and Fan

August 9, 1974, considered the day the Mad Hungarian persona first appeared in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. He came into the game in the seventh inning. He would face Steve Garvey, who became the National League MVP that year, and when interviewed basically said, I only threw a fastball. Al didn’t think he had that good of a fastball at the time but his control was incredible. Al ended up striking out Garvey and no one got hit off him in three minutes. Al made his major league debut in San Diego on June 16, 1970. In 75 he started Fu Manchu. He had a 13-3 record and a 1.66 ERA in 65 games, he had 22 saves and earned the relief pitcher of the year award. we will always be grateful here in St. Louis to say we were the ones who started his incredible career. Thank you for everything Al.

Bob Ehret, Fan

How this first-round pick, dominant reliever, and cardinals broadcast legend is not already a red-jacket deserving member is mind-boggling.

Peter Fowler, Fan

Just a class act!
One of my most vivid memories of baseball as a kid was at a game when Al was called in to relieve and how excited my Dad got when Al was on the mound!
Good Luck Al!!!

John Vogel, Fan

When you think about Cardinal baseball there are many players who come to mind.  But during Al Hrabosky's time as the Cardinals' closer, there wasn't another closer more feared than Al.  For no other reason, he should be in the Cardinals Hall of Fame.  He will always be connected to the Cardinals, and he deserves to have a Red Jacket.

Bettie Allen, Fan

Al Hrabosky is deserving of inclusion into the Cardinals Hall of Fame.
- Distinguished playing career
- Long-time color analyst
- Pre-Post game analysis
- Cardinal ambassador representing the organization at schools & charitable events
- Many years supporting US Military
- NEVER turns down an autograph or photo request

Joe Parisi, Fan

I was actually a Reds fan during the mid-'70s and I still remember listening to the radio when the Reds and Cards played and hoping the Mad Hungarian was not coming into a close game.  The first time I saw a game on TV where the Mad Hungarian was called from the bullpen was something I will never forget.  He came to the mound looking as fierce as any movie character, growling at the batters and proceeded to strike out the side.  That is, to this day, what I think of when I imagine how a real "closer" should enter the game.

James W Brent, Fan

Mr. Hrabosky's work on Cardinal Broadcasts and in the Studio has helped mold how I approach my own broadcasts of small-town high school and small college sports. He has changed how I report on things when they are not going so well for the team that employs me. While not sugarcoating something negative, Mr. Hrabosky reports it in a way where the fan has hope for change and correction. It is now my goal to not only report on something that might be negative but to leave fans with hope for the future.

Steve Mercure, Voice of the Pottsville Apaches; Basketball and Baseball Voice, University of the Ozarks

Al was a good player for our cardinals, He has been a broadcaster for years, I have meant him a couple of times, and he has been gracious. He has done a lot for the city, and the organization, and yes I think the combination of everything he has done in his representation of the team and the community deserves some kind of recognition.

Kendel Beard, Fan

I always enjoy watching Al on the pre and postgame shows. He was a dominant reliever before my time in the 70s (I was born in”84). He is deserving, and I personally think it would be awesome to see him get what he deserves.

Lindsey Morrison, Fan

A great player and ambassador for the Cardinals.

Jim Jamieson, Fan

Al was a great player and has been a great ambassador for the Cardinals and baseball everywhere!

Keith Goss, Fan

Dedicated to his career and fans. Outstanding individual and should be recognized

Kathy Shasserre, Fan

Al's good friend Terry Turner is a dear friend of mine, and both All and Terry are walking examples of the great humble servants we all strive to be. Truly caring, sincere, hard-working generous souls. What the world needs now more than ever!

John Fulchino, Fan

Beyond all of his amazing accomplishments, Al is a Cardinal legend who keeps giving to the organization he loves!

Jay Chesshir, President & CEO, Little Rock Chamber

Most ferocious competitor I ever witnessed. Should have had a Red jacket a long time ago.

Leo Burke, Fan

Al left it all on the field every time he played.  He deserves to be among the best because he is one of the best.


Al was not only a great Cardinal player but is a great representative of the Cardinals across the U.S. He is very deserving of this long overdue honor.

Steve Arrison, CEO, Visit Hot Springs