I had the honor & privilege to meet Al in 2004.
My husband opened up Al Hrabosky’s Ballpark Saloon and we were in business with him. Al is the absolute best….everyone who came through the door was always so surprised to see Al there…Al didn’t just put his name on the business…he was the business. There was never a time he turned down a fan for an autograph or picture. He always took the time to talk to fans and answer their questions or share one of his many stories.
I honestly never understood how Al did so much in 24 hours of a day. Always a family man first, he was busy broadcasting & traveling, involved in a business, and supporting many causes in the St. Louis area…he was always visiting a local school with the DARE program…I literally never saw him say no to anyone or turn down an opportunity to help someone in need.
Never, not once.
What I love most about Al is how he has and continues to give back to the St. Louis community. I had a close friend who was a single mother of 3, battling breast cancer, whose teaching contract was not renewed during treatment…we decided to put on a fundraiser in her honor to benefit her & her children. Al not only donated his time, numerous signed memorabilia items for raffles/silent auctions, etc…but he had fellow alumni Cardinals come sign & take photos with supporters. To this day, my friend shares with me that the fundraiser changed the direction of her life & her children’s lives. Had it not been for Al, we could have never pulled off an event like that for her family.
In my own family, whenever we’ve needed advice or encouragement, Al has always been there. When our 3rd child was born, Al & his wife June were one of the first ones to visit and hold our sweet baby Natalie. When my mother passed suddenly, Al & June were one of the first to reach out with their support & condolences. And when my husband learned of the sudden passing of his business partner & dear friend Bobby Plager, Al was the first person to reach out to him for support. My daughter recently graduated and he was the first to send her a handwritten congratulations. That’s Al, always thinking of others.
I love Al’s heart for his family, his friends, the Cardinals & the St. Louis community.
To me, Al is everything a St. Louis Cardinal represents…and there’s no one more deserving of a red coat.
He’ll always be my favorite Cardinal and second dad.
It is my hope & prayer that he is invited to be inducted into the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame.

Erin Maurer, Friend