Al has been a very good family friend of ours since the '60s.  I personally have seen Al progress thru Little League, American Legion, High School, College, Minor League and the Big Leagues throughout all those years.  His athletic Ambition, Drive, Tenacity, and a very "Nasty" tailing fastball are legendary here in Southern California.

Based on his accomplishments both during and after his playing career with the Cardinals I believe he would be a very worthy addition to the St. Louis Cardinal HOF.

As a side note, I was able to observe Al's popularity with the fans in person this past season.  We visited the Stadium to watch a game; where he had a 2-hour autograph session, a 10-minute radio interview, spoke to approx 100 Cardinal fans having lunch for 25 minutes, introduced himself and shook many hands in several luxury boxes, AND then passed out Cardinal memorabilia to any youngster he could see while walking to and from his seat to watch the game!!

Best of luck Lefty,

Jack Bergman, Friend & Fan