I have been a lifelong Cardinals fan, having grown up in Council Bluffs, Iowa, my dad attended Creighton University with the great Bob Gibson, who I got to meet a few times as a little boy. I was a huge fan of the Cardinal's great pitchers and tried to emulate them from the time I started playing little league baseball. There was no imitating the great Al Hrabosky, a ferocious competitor who intimidated anyone that approached "his home plate." I admired him as a teenage fan, and feel fortunate to now, 50 years later, be able to call him my friend. Al has always represented the Cardinals with integrity, pride, and passion. He is beloved for his broadcast career, and I think we all miss seeing him in the booth during the games with his keen knowledge of the game and great commentary as we continue to enjoy his pre & post-game observations. The Mad Hungarian's signature mustache makes him recognizable wherever he goes, I've never seen him turn down a request for an autograph or a picture. Al has mentored young players, welcomed hundreds of fans to Fantasy Camp, appears at numerous charity events every year, he represents the "Cardinals Way." I think the Cardinals should be as proud and grateful of Al as Al is of the Cardinals, and get him the long overdue red jacket he has earned.

Kevin Kenney, Friend & Cardinals Fan