Al Hrabosky, truly a dominant Cardinal player in the '70s, was the fiery spirit of those teams.  One of the first "bullpen closers" who distinguished himself as the best in MLB for many years.  He paved the way for many relievers in the Cardinal organization.  Before Sutter, Isringhausen, Lee Smith, and many others, there was the Mad Hungarian.  His grit and competitive determination on the mound transformed into becoming one of the best representatives for the Cardinals.  Al is a CLASS ACT.  His contributions to the Cardinal Community whether it is in participating in the Cardinal Caravans, talking to school children, visiting with sponsors, or just stopping to give a fan an autograph or a "hello", demonstrate the true heart and soul of Al Hrabosky.  He is a Cardinal through and through and deserves to be in the Cardinal HOF.  He was the "best" at his craft while on the field and has lived his life representing the Cardinals with nothing but "Class" off the field.

Richard Albair,