Hungo deserves a Red jacket for his achievements on the field and off. Hungo was the Fireman of the year and always answers the bell and was ready to serve. He is worthy of inclusion in the Cardinals HOF based on his on-field accomplishments, broadcasting service, and personal appearances.

I was lucky to have worked with Al while selling Cardinals baseball starting at KPLR-TV. We also started the Mad Hungarian show on KFNS and worked together at Fox Sports Midwest. Hungo answers the bell in service to promote  Cardinals regardless of the pain he’s in and I remember a story that he rode in the back of a Volvo station wagon laying down all the way to Cape Girardeau to help a sales rep at KPLR make a Cardinals presentation for sponsorship.

My first baseball game in St. Louis was back in the 70’s when the Cardinals were not competitive, Cardinals were losing and my friend that took me said we need to stay to see Al Hrabosky pitch. We did. It was electric! The crowd went crazy! I’m crazy folks about Hungo. Cardinals would be crazy not to include him in the next class of red jackets!

Timothy P. O’Connor, Colleague