He was dominant, colorful, a fan favorite, and a maniac.  He was also a top-25 pitcher for the Cardinals according to a number of sources, including Bleacher Report.

From B/R a few years ago:

"Al Hrabosky

Perhaps not the most dominant Cardinal pitcher of all time, The Mad Hungarian is certainly one of the most colorful and memorable. Sporting an oversized Fu Manchu and long hair, Hrabosky was known for manically stomping the back of the mound to work himself into a frenzy. He kept hitters off-balance for 13 seasons, the first eight with St. Louis. In 1975, he went 13-3 along with 22 saves and a 1.66 ERA.

He is currently the Cardinals color commentator for regular season games, and he owns Al Hrabosky's Ballpark Saloon across the street from Busch Stadium."

William Britt, Fan